How to Enter Full Name in Native Alphabet in DS-160 Form

When applying for a US visa, you are required to fill out the online DS-160 visa application form. One of the fields in the form asks you to enter your full name in native alphabet characters.

This guide explains what the native alphabet name field is, why it is required, and how to properly enter your full name in your native language script.

What is the Full Name in Native Alphabet Field?

The DS-160 visa form contains a mandatory field labeled “Full Name in Native Alphabet”. This field requires you to enter your name in the writing script of your native language.

For example, if your native language is Hindi, you would enter your name in Devanagari script. If your native language is Chinese, you would enter your name in Chinese Hanzi characters.

Why Do You Need to Enter It?

This field is required for several important reasons:

  • Helps verify and authenticate your identity
  • Ensures your name is spelled correctly in your native language
  • Avoids transliteration errors that may occur when converting from non-Roman scripts
  • Confirms you can write your name in your claimed native language

How to Enter Your Name in Native Alphabet

Follow these steps to properly enter your full name in native alphabet characters:

  1. Determine your official full name in the native language of your country of citizenship. This is usually listed on official documents like passports and birth certificates from your home country.
  2. Write out your full name exactly as given on these documents, using the correct native language alphabet. For example, if your name on Indian documents is राहुल वर्मा, enter राहुल वर्मा in Devanagari script.
  3. Make sure your name matches what is printed on your current passport to avoid discrepancies.
  4. Enter your name in phonetic native script, not translations. Write राहुल वर्मा, not Rahu Varmā.
  5. Use appropriate diacritics and accents if applicable in your language.
  6. Write out complete first, middle and surnames. Do not use initials unless your official documents also use initials.
  7. Double check spelling and script before submitting the form.

Special Cases

If you are from a country that does not use a non-Roman native alphabet, enter your name in ALL CAPS Latin letters as printed on your passport. For example, a German applicant would enter JOSEF MULLER.

If you are stateless, enter your name in the native language of the country where you are a legal permanent resident.

Accurately entering your full name in native alphabet is mandatory for the DS-160 form. Following these guidelines ensures your identity is verified and your visa application is processed smoothly.

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