Hello, I’m Mukul, the founder of Easy Move Abroad. I’m here to share a bit about who I am and why I started this platform.

I was born and raised in India, a country known for its rich history, diverse culture, and mouthwatering cuisine. But there’s one thing that’s always been a challenge for me and many other Indians – our passport. You see, Indian passports are ranked quite low on the global passport index, granting visa-free access to fewer than 40 countries.

For perspective, let’s compare this with the world’s strongest passports. For instance, holders of a Japanese passport can travel visa-free to as many as 193 countries, Singaporeans can access 190 countries without a visa, and EU and U.S. citizens can travel freely to around 170 and 185 countries respectively. It’s quite a contrast, isn’t it? This disparity is often referred to as “passport inequality”, and it’s a frustrating reality for many people around the world.

My own experiences with this were far from pleasant. A few years ago, I applied for a U.S. visa. I was full of hope and had no intentions of breaking any rules. Yet, after only a two-minute interview, my application was rejected. I felt defeated and powerless. What added salt to the wound was the fact that there was no way for me to appeal this decision.

But it’s not just about me – according to U.S. State Department data, in 2020, around 22% of non-immigrant visa applications were refused. Many of these applicants faced the same feelings of disappointment and frustration that I did, not to mention the loss of money and time.

I decided that enough was enough. No one should have to go through the same hurdles I did, so I started Easy Move Abroad. My vision was to create a platform to assist not just those with ‘weaker’ passports like mine, but anyone who wants to travel, study, work, or settle in a new country but doesn’t know where to start.

Easy Move Abroad is here to provide all the visa-related information you need, as well as connect you with experienced visa consultants and immigration attorneys who can guide you through your journey. We’re here to provide support and assurance, so you know you’re not alone in this process.

With Easy Move Abroad, we aim to bridge the gap caused by passport inequality and make the world more accessible, one visa application at a time. We’re committed to assisting you in turning your travel or immigration dreams into reality.

Welcome to Easy Move Abroad. Together, let’s navigate this journey towards a more accessible world.